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    Friday, 16 June 2017

    Grenfell Tower Blaze: Moment Hero Caught Neighbour's Four-Year-Old Girl Thrown 50ft (PHOTO)

    The incredible moment the girl was caught by neighbour 'Pat'. Photo - mirror
    THE man, named only as Pat, caught the girl "like a rugby ball tucked into his chest", a witness said

    This is the incredible moment a hero safely caught his neighbour's four-year-old girl after she was thrown 50ft from the Grenfell Tower block inferno.

    Horrified locals rushed to the scene in west London after the 24-storey building went up in flames in the early hours of Wednesday.

    They told how one mum was on the fifth floor screaming for help from her window with a young girl in her arms.

    Kadelia Woods, 20, said: "The mum was screaming and the fire was raging like crazy."

    A neighbour named Pat stepped up and urged the mum to drop her girl, she said.

    Kadelia said: "Pat was calling: 'Drop her, I’ll catch her'.

    "The mum was screaming: ‘No, no, I can’t!’

    "Pat kept reassuring her and then the girl dropped.

    "Everyone’s hearts stopped but Pat managed to catch her like a rugby ball tucked into his chest."

    Neighbours rushed to help those trapped at Grenfell Tower. Photo - mirror
    Paramedics treated the girl and Pat, believed to be in his 40s, went to hospital.

    Tragically, Kadelia said she doesn't believe the girl's mum survived.

    When she looked back to the window "the whole floor was on fire".

    The child is one of three who survived falls from windows.

    Another is believed to have been thrown from the 10th floor. (Mirror)

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