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    Tuesday, 20 February 2018

    TRAVEL TIPS: 5 Secrets To Booking Cheap Flights

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    HOW to find a cheap flight is usually the question every traveller asks themselves when planning a trip.
    Sadly, most flights these days are expensive, especially for us in Nigeria. Luckily, there are tips and secrets for getting affordable flights.

    The model even includes a fully fleshed-out airport with arrivals, people checking in and boarding their flights...play
    Sadly, most flights these days are expensive, especially for us in Nigeria (Google)

    Here are my secret tips for finding cheap flights.

    1. Google Flights
    Why? Because Google solves all your problems  - at least some.

    It's pretty simple, is the easiest thing, and in our experience, gets the best and cheapest results!

    Search for flights heading to where you are, click on your departing or returning date, and a calendar will come up and show you the cheapest options to fly on which days.

    They'll even give you tips and tell you if it's cheaper to fly on another day.

    2. Check on Monday's and Tuesdays
    The best days to book your flight are typically the beginning of the week Monday-Tuesday. However, check all week long, because great deals have been found on Sundays a lot too! Some of the cheaper airlines seem to like to throw in their best deals while the rest of the airlines are even higher priced because of the weekends.

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    3. Search on 4-5 airline sites
    Not all airline sites are created equal. Hit SFO to DUB into Kayak, Sky Scanner, Expedia and Google and you’ll get different flights, different prices and different airlines available. My advice is to spend a lot of time window shopping, comparing across all the channels, and then, when you think you’ve found your flight, actually book directly through the airline. Not always, but sometimes booking airline directly is a bit cheaper.

    4. Clear your cookies or go incognito
    Cookies will track what flights you are looking at and boost up the price, but only for you. To work around this book on different computers or go incognito.(PulseNg)

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