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    Monday, 16 April 2018

    5 Ways To Know Your Value In Nigeria

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    SELF-VALUE is the level of your importance in whatsoever environment you find yourself. it could be at home,school,work etc there is this thing many will always know you for and that's what i tag "your Value". your self-value is your currency in the human exchange unit just like money and its varies in value based on currency ratings. so do humans too. it will be interesting and helpful if you take out some time to know your value in order to live a life that is positively imparting.

    Lets check out five(5) methods that will help you know your self-value in Nigeria.

    1. Know Your Abilities:
    This is a basic exercise that you'll need to take to gain a knowledge about your potentials. take out some time and monitor yourself to see the things you can do,produce or get done with much ease. maybe those are your natural potentials. have a deep knowledge about any acquired abilities you have as well. take note of these things cause they'll guide your lifestyle.

    Abilities are bedrocks for great works. everyone differs in potentials, so it is impossible to do what your strength can't carry. so instead of being what you are not, why not find what you are?

    2.Compare Your Lifestyle with Your Abilities:
    Your way of life needs to have some room for your abilities. Are you living a life that has mansions with no single room for the potentials embedded inside of you? without a room in your way of life for potentials, you may end up not knowing your true value.

     Lifestyle should be an offspring of potentials not the other way round. the potential of singing makes its owner a musician and not the music giving the musician the potential to sing. spend time carefully to check your lifestyle and see whether it really relates with the abilities you have.

    3. Check Your Success and Failure Rates:
    So far so good, i guess you must have been busy with one thing or the other for reasons best known to you. there is need for analysis on both-sides of success and failure pertaining your works. it is out of this that you'll get some clue of how valuable your potentials are and how well you've been using it to achieve your set goal.

    Comparing how many times you succeeded and failed will expose some loopholes which could have been the reason behind your self-devaluations. these bugs needs to be known before they rob you of your self-value.

    4. Cross-check The Result of Your Works:
     This is another method you could apply to know how well you are making use of your potentials. judge your works yourself. you can welcome trustworthy friends to help you know how well you're reaching your set goals. This will aid you to know your worth more well. you could pick point easily where you are getting it wrong from this method. Self cross-check is an exercise that gives increase in self-worth.

    5. Live Above imitation:
    When you pay too much attention to other people's growth in their own different dimensions, you'll become a slave to their way of life that you'll hardly remember how special you are.

     Spend time to think about your life. make plans for your tomorrows. don't live based on what circumstances will bring for it will only deprive you the ability to know how wonderful you are to your generations and immediate environment.

    With self-value, many men and women have done great  works that still baffles mankind along the history pages. the good news is that there is a page specially made for you too. don't let that page meant for you to flip over without a content about your great works.rise up and know your value to have the world taste your gifts for it. don't forget that you're powerful beyond measure or aren't you?

    Written By:

    Ike Ani.
    Ike Ani is the Editor of Naija Magazine Online(NMO), one of Nigeria's Fastest growing News and current affairs Websites.

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