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    Thursday, 31 May 2018

    How To Plan The Perfect Destination Wedding

    Photo - VIP Dubai Wedding

    DUBAI is a perfect place for that luxurious destination wedding you've been fantasizing about.
    The weather is always sunny, the city offers lots of activities for guests, and is centrally located for guests around the world.
    playDestination weddings give you and your guests a chance to experience another culture (Pinterest)

    Destination weddings give you and your guests a chance to experience another culture while also doubling as a holiday or honeymoon destination. When planning a wedding in Dubai, you need:

    1. A wedding planner or supplier

    For a destination wedding to be successful, you would need a planner over there. They can help you coordinate everything from abroad. Wedding planners also know all the ins and the outs and have suppliers that they trust.

    2. Get the perfect wedding dress

    playDubai boasts many stores and boutiques where wedding outfits can be bought (Pop Sugar MiddleEast)

    Dubai boasts many stores and boutiques where clothing can be bought, but if you would want a customized dress, options are available for that too. The tailors provide the means for you to pick your décor fabrics and also have your wedding dress custom designed.

    3. Venue

    playHotels also come with packages that can save you money and time (Richardson Events Dubai)

    Because Dubai is a Muslim country, most wedding receptions happen at hotels as they are the only places legally allowed to serve alcohol in the Emirates.
    When looking for a hotel, search for ones that have a huge ballroom,  golf course, or on a beach, depending on what you want. Hotels also come with packages that can save you money and time.

    4. Start saving

    Having a wedding in Dubai is quite pricy. The average cost of a wedding in Dubai ranges from $81,000 (Dh300,000) to $136,000 (Dh500,000). Despite the high costs, it is possible to throw a $27,000 (Dh100,000) wedding by buying hotel packages and amenities, slashing the guest list and choosing cheaper décor.

    5. Send guests invites a year before the wedding

    Why? So guests are given adequate time to book vacations, take a leave, purchase a ticket and get visas. When sending out invitations for a wedding abroad, it is also advisable to give information about the destination.
    Hope your wedding in Dubai is the most beautiful thing ever!(Pulse Weddings)

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