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    Monday, 24 September 2018

    Sex Hungry Cultist Threatens Lady On Whatsapp Chat (PHOTOS)

    Photo - Facebook

    A sex maniac who bragged of being an aye cultist threatened a young lady named 'Deborah Paul' on Whatsapp chat while making love advances for long and finally got turned down. She took to her Facebook timeline to bash him,  exposing their chats on whatsapp and his phone numbers. He was seen in the chat munches warning her not to dare return to her state(Akwa Ibom) or  else she would be dealt with by him.  

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    The young man named Jermaine Eniong was also seen declaring himself a cultist by virtue of his threats but the young lady seems not to be bothered at all though some of her friends on Facebook have adviced that she report the matter to the police since cultism and deadly threats are now part of the issue at hand.


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