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    Monday, 14 January 2019

    Just Engaged? This How To Plan A Quick Nigerian Wedding In Three Months

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    YOU might have gotten engaged over the holidays and want to get married as quickly as possible, or you have been engaged for a while and it’s time to take the plunge. Congratulations! We know you are excited about your engagement and so are we.

    However, if the time has come to plan that awesome wedding you have always dreamed of, we’re here to tell you that it’s possible to have your wedding in the next few months even if you haven’t started planning at all. Here’s how to plan a Nigerian wedding in three months.

    First month....

    Create a comprehensive checklist
    Lucky for you, we already have a checklist of every vendor you’ll need for your wedding here. A checklist will help you to plan your goals and execute them. After you have made a checklist, find out their prices and narrow down your choices. To meet your time constraints, you should look for vendors with small businesses who have fewer projects to deal with but strong references.

    Set a realistic budget (and a date)
    You are planning a fast wedding, so be realistic with your budget. It will cost a lot more when you have to get a lot done in a short period of time. And while you’re picking a date, make sure to avoid these dates that might be problematic.

    Hire a wedding planner
    You definitely need a wedding planner to handle the details of planning the wedding, so hire one. If you’re on a budget, you’ll need that very organised friend or family member who has a flair for pulling off events to help you. In fact, you’ll need an army of wedding planners in your more experienced family members.

    Inform the family (and friends)
    Your immediate family should be carried along as you set a date and start planning the wedding. Your friends need to know how that you’re about to get married and can pitch in to help too.

    Fittings and tastings
    From the start, make appointments with the baker, caterer and tailors and start your fittings and tastings. You want your clothes to be done on time, and your cake too.

    Book the venue
    Venues can be tricky, so the earlier the better. You have to be realistic and make a list of several prospective venues, because some of them might be booked on the date you want to choose.

    Send out a save the date
    Your invitees may not be ready yet, so send out a mail or text so your guests can save the date and clear their calendars.

    Second month....

    Choose your bridal train
    If you want bridesmaids, now is the time to call your friends and ask them to walk down the aisle with you. Your fiancé should also choose his groomsmen.

    Send out invites

    Once your actual invites are ready, it’s time to send them out and start receiving RSVPs from your invited guests.

    Confirm the RSVPs
    You can’t accept RSVPs until the wedding day itself, because you need to know just how many people to expect at your wedding. Send out a reminder to those who haven’t indicated their attendance yet.

    Confirm and reconfirm the venue

    Just to make sure that it’s still available and open for you, especially if you haven’t made a down payment yet.

    Third month

    Check on your vendors
    Decorator, caterer, baker, florist…they need reminders and for you to check in with them just to make sure you’re still on board for the wedding date.

    Last fittings

    Visit your tailor for the last fittings and a dress-check. You don’t want a Nigerian tailor situation on your wedding day. At this time, your dresses (and that of your wedding party) should be almost ready-and you need to see them with your own eyes.

    Last minute details
    We know you’re ready, but have you thought of these last-minute details? Just to make sure every detail is set.

    Have your bridal shower/bachelorette party
    This is the perfect time for a fun day with your best girls, and you need the timeout from all the wedding planning you’ve been doing.

    Beauty routines

    If you’re going to have a facial, do it at least a week before the wedding so that you’ll be glowing as you walk down the aisle. For extra relaxation, take your fiancé along and have a relaxing spa day.

    Don’t forget to breathe, practice self-care, have a lot of snuggly dates with your boo and just unwind. We know it’s stressful, but don’t panic and keep your plans flexible and you’ll be just fine. (ZumiNg)

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