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    Wednesday, 16 January 2019

    WEIRD: Man Stabbed By Girlfriend 13 Times, Proposes To Her In Court

    Photo - Lailasnews

    A man stabbed by girlfriend 13 times and almost died from the wounds sustained after the attack, has proposed to her in court – and begged a judge not to jail her.

    The victim, named only as Mr Shakur, escaped with his life when he managed to flee from his partner, prosecutor Airat Bikmurzin told the court.

    Mr Bikmurzin said: “The accused woman failed to fulfil her criminal intention due to circumstances she could hardly influence.

        “The victim managed to escape from the crime scene and found medical help in time. “Using the knife as a weapon, she stabbed the victim at least 13 times.”

    The man was hospitalised for three weeks with stab wounds all over his body, the prosecutor added.

    He demanded a custodial sentence of up to six years for intentionally causing damage to the health of the man and threatening his life.

    The woman pleaded guilty to the stabbing incident but denied she had intended to “kill” her boyfriend and said she was “drunk” at the time.

    It was not clear what the dispute was about. As she stood and faced the judge, her victim proposed to her in court, according to a report from NTR-24 TV.

    He appealed to the judge for leniency and said they intended to arrange the date of their wedding.

    The Russian judge postponed a decision on sentencing until a future hearing, according to reports. (Lailasnews)

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