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    Wednesday, 13 February 2019

    "Jail Awaits All Female Genital Mutilators, Wife Beaters In Edo State" - Governor Obaseki

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    EDO state governor, Godwin Obaseki has through the collaborations of the state house of assembly enacted the Violence against persons prohibition(VAPP)  law in the state. He boldly confirmed that the law has taken effect in Edo state and that anyone found guilty of breaking the VAPP Law act would serve the punishment thereafter. 

    "All those who are guilty of female genital mutilation, domestic violence if caught will serve jail sentence. We are not afraid of change. That is why we are here" The Governor said while addressing issues bothering the state and the way forward. 

    The VAPP law act will really reduce the level of domestic violence in the state and bring to minimal, cases of rape within and outside households of all sorts. 

    "The Violence Against persons (prohibition) Act (VAPP) was passed into law in May, 2015. The Act was a result of agitations for protection of persons against the different forms of violence. Violence, both at the home front and the larger society, is fast becoming a trend in the recent day Nigeria. Daily, we hear of someone killing or maiming their spouse; or a scorned lover pouring acid on an ex lover; or someone being forcefully taken away from their family and loved ones. It was the need to protect citizens from violence such as these that led to the enactment of the VAPP Act, 2015. The Violence Against persons (Prohibition) Act is an improvement on the penal and criminal code in relation to violence; it also makes provision for compensation to victims as well as the protection of their rights." (Lawpavillion)

    This new development will bring great marital sanity in most homes within Edo state hopefullly as cases of rape and all other forms of domestic violence will  be treated as serious crimes punishable under the law

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