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    Friday, 15 February 2019

    "There Are 2,160 Snakebite Cases Annually In Gombe State" - Expert Reveals

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    A medical Doctor attached to the 250 bed capacity Snakebite treatment hospital Kaltungo, Gombe state has revealed that there are usually about 6-10 snakebite cases per day depending on the climate change. Speaking with Naija magazine online, he stated that the locals suffer from unprecedented number of snakebites from species such as; carpet viper, Puff adder and cobra. Among all the species, the carpet viper is the most common in the region which is usually small but very fast and poisonous

     Going round the wards in the government facility, there were different cases of victims who were either bitten in their farms or at home. Little kids were not left out in the statistics as even a toddler of about 2 years of age was reportedly loosing a finger to a snakebite. 

    Another case was that of a pregnant mother who was bitten by a snake few days before delivery. She was saved by a quick medical attention at the facility. At the facility, there was a case which involved a teenage girl who suffered some psychological imbalance due to the effect of a snakebite. The Doctor stated that the number of snakebite cases is alarming and may even rise as the heat season draws near. 

    Other scenarios were that of some teenage boys who reportedly were rat hunters who got bitten by snakes while trying to hunt for some bush rats in the region

    The Doctor lamented that the locals don't value the provision made available for free to the general public and stated that the family of victims who are being treated don't cooperate with the medical staff to get full medical attention as they are always quick to just receive some half-way treatment and check out of the hospital. 

    Following this report, there is a need for the locals in the affected region to be sensitized as regards how to avoid and reduce chances of snakebites in their farms and households. They can be educated on how that keeping a bushy household can encourage snakes of all kinds to live around them. 

    Fumigating affected regions may also be a task that should be encouraged among  the locals. When their households are properly fumigated and kept clean, the rate of snakebite annually in Kaltungo and nearby environs within Gombe state can be reduced. 

    Ike Ani is the editor for Naija magazine online, one of Nigeria's news and current affairs websites.


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