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    Friday, 15 March 2019

    Former Nazi Collaborator Arrested After Boasting He Had Threesome With Hitler And Eva Braun

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    FBI officials have proceeded to the arrest of a former Nazi collaborator this week after he allegedly boasted having intimate relations with both Adolf Hitler and his companion, Eva Braun.

    Günter von Kraut, 98, a former high ranking Nazi official who managed a number of forced labor camps during the Second World War was apprehended by authorities this week in a Boston nursing home.

    The 98-year-old man who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes is scheduled to be deported later this month to Germany to face his trial.

    Bellavista Nursing Home employees alerted authorities after finding pictures of himself accompanied by none other than Adolf Hitler and his lover, Eva Braun.

    “He’d talk about how Hitler couldn’t keep an erection or how Eva Braun liked it in the buttocks. At first, we thought he was just rambling, but then we found the pictures” one Bellavista employee told reporters.

    Günter von Kraut, a former high-ranking Nazi official, allegedly told nursing home patients and staff about his sexual encounters with Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.

    “He said that Hitler was always on a number of pills and just couldn’t get a hard one and needed assistance,” one Bellavista nursing home patient told reporters.
    Although Kraut was allegedly permitted to have sexual relationships with Eva Braun in the presence of the Fuhrer, he was not allowed to touch her genitals.

    “He said that her vagina was off limits to him, so he had to give it to her up the backdoor if you know what I mean. But he said Eva liked it better that way anyhow and that she was a naughty, naughty girl,” another patient confided.

    Hitler and Eva Braun also allegedly had a fondness for animals and even an inclination for bestiality.

    “He said he was once ordered by Hitler to put peanut butter on Eva’s genitals and forced to watch his dog lick it off of her,” one staff member recalled.

    Günter von Kraut lived quietly in the U.S. for years under the guise of Harry Wolfman, working as a bartender and nightclub manager before retiring in 1989, until an official undercover investigation was launched last month and revealed his true identity.

    Kraut is scheduled to be deported later this month to Germany and to face trial on his presumed wartime activities and human rights abuses. (Worldnewsdailyreport)

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