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    Friday, 15 March 2019

    Sex Acts You Must Discuss With Your Partner Before Carrying Them Out

    Photo - ZumiNg

    GETTING freaky in the bedroom is not just about whether or not your partner will find it arousing. You have to also consider if they feel comfortable and trusting enough to want to go there with you.

    These are some of the sex acts you must discuss first before executing them. Unless you want to risk your man running away screaming.

    Anal play
    Whether as a giver or receiver, anal play should be strictly on a ‘discuss first’ basis. Not everyone is comfortable with their partner going this area. It does not matter if it worked for your last boyfriend. Don’t violate his comfort by going that path if you’ve not been given explicit permission.

    Getting tied up is also one of the sex acts to discuss with him first. For one thing, there are people who have phobias about being restrained. Plus, it requires a certain level of trust to have someone tie you up, leaving you vulnerable.

    Public sex
    While you may get turned on just thinking about doing it where you might get caught, it’s not a given that he will feel the same. So, before shocking him by going down on him in the dark corner of a cinema, ensure he’s cool with it first.

    If you fancy yourself a sexy dominatrix, do get the go-ahead from your man first. Just because you want to play a dominant does not mean your man is cool with being your submissive. Iron this out beforehand to avoid surprises.

    When things start to deviate from the traditional sex acts, it’s best to have a discussion first and see where your partner stands on the idea. (ZumiNg)

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