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    Thursday, 11 April 2019

    5 Types Of Black Dresses Every Lady Should Own

    Black Dresses
    Photo - ZumiNg

    IT'S no news that black dresses are one of the most essential pieces in every lady’s wardrobe – especially the LBD (little black dress) but we are serving you with even more functional styles beyond your regular ones. Our picks include black dresses that work for different occasions.

    The Power Dress

    Black Dresses

    Need to give your power suit a rest? Why not try a power dress! A long black structured blazer dress will help you kill any formal event from meetings to seminars.

    The Sassy Dress

    Black Dresses Short dresses are forever sexy but a midi dress with just the right accents will add oomph to your look in an undeniable way. The sassy dress works for semi-formal events like work dinners and business brunches.

    The Casual Dress


    Black Dresses In addition to owning a power dress and a sassy dress, every lady should have a black dress to throw on and be ready to go anytime – kinda like a knockabout. But keep in mind that it shouldn’t be plain and boring because it is a casual dress. Tiny details make all the difference, definitely invest in them!

    The Fab Dress

    Black DressesIf you haven’t noticed, every option is less formal than the other so the fab dress is one that has details that are hard to miss but still looks fresh, relaxed and effortless. They work well for gatherings that you want to make statements at.

    The Glam Dress

    Black Dresses

    If over-the-top is your style then you should definitely have one glam dress sitting in your closet. The glam dress is super sultry and will keep people staring. Think embellishments, high slits and asymmetrical hems! (ZumiNg)

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