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    Wednesday, 17 April 2019

    7 Tips To Start A Small Online Business And Make Extra Cash

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    THANKS to the internet, a lot of people have found ways to personally tackle the issue of unemployment in the country and make extra cash just by starting their own business online.
    Online businesses are slowly taking over and more people are opting for seeking the goods and services they want online, as opposed to actually visiting a store. This gives you the perfect opportunity to make money without worrying about actually renting a store.

    If you are considering taking advantage of the huge market that exists online, you do not have much to worry about as it not as complicated as some may think. With these few tips, you should be able to get your small online business running successfully in no time.

    1. Figure out what product you wish to sell or what service you wish to provide
    The first step to starting your online business is to determine what need you wish to fulfill – what kind of goods or services you want to sell. If you do not already have an area of interest, then do a little research on the kinds of goods and services people are seeking out, and then model your business towards satisfying that need.

    2. Figure out your target market
    After you decide on what to sell, the next step is to determine your target market. Figure out the kind of people who need your products, the age range of your prospective clients, what are the kinds of things they will like, their locations, etc. This information will help you design your online page to appeal to your prospective clients.

    3. Consider your competition when fixing your prices

    For your business to stand the test of time and ultimately keep you satisfied, it has to be profitable. Before you begin to fix your own prices, you need to find the cheapest ways to source for products to make sure you can make profit; you also have to consider your competition’s prices and decide if you want to sell below or above depending on your target audience.

    4. Choose the best social media platforms for your business
    The nature of your business and your target market will be the determine factors when picking a social media platform to sell on; you do not have to use every platform available, you just need the ones that can help you make sales. If a large portion of your target audience is on a particular social media platform, then you need to have an account on that platform too.

    You also need a platform that helps you give more details on your business. If your business requires demonstration videos, then pick a platform that works well for video posts. If you require more of text formats or pictures, then pick platforms that support such formats best.

    5. Set up your page
    Setting up your business page online is the equivalent of setting up an office or store. Going through steps 1-4 will be a waste without an online store for your business where people can come to patronize you, so you have to take it very seriously and make sure you come up with the best possible business page. Make sure it is appealing to your target audience and easy to navigate so that it encourages patronage.

    6. Drive traffic to your page through advertisement
    Now that you have kicked off your online business, the next step is to attract your clients and drive traffic to your page. The more people know about your business and what you have to offer, the more sales you will make, so you have to push your business out there through sponsored posts and advert placements. Sometimes you really have to spend money to make money.

    7. Make sales and follow up on existing/prospective clients
    With your business fully running and you making sales, the only thing left to do is make sure you keep offering your clients the best and maintaining a good relationship with them to keep them coming back. You also have to keep reaching out to prospective clients to get them interested in your business. (ZumiNg)

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