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    Friday, 3 May 2019

    "Yahoo Boys Are Legitimate Children Of Corrupt Politicians"- Seun Kuti

    Seun Kuti: Internet fraudsters are legitimate children of corrupt politicians
    Photo - Instagram

    SEUN Kuti, Nigerian musician and son of Fela Kuti, late Afrobeat singer, says internet fraudsters better known as ‘Yahoo boys,’ are legitimate children of corrupt politicians.

    The Grammy award nominee made this statement in an Instagram post while decrying the magnitude of criticisms and societal condemnation leveled against internet fraudsters as against that of corrupt politicians in the country.

    “The yahoo boy is the legitimate child of the political and business elites. Our ability as Nigerians to pick and choose what criminals to hate and what criminals to jump and dance for is the reason we can’t develop especially when the criminals we shuck and jive for are the real devils.,” he wrote.

    “Stigmatize all Nigerian criminals, not just the yahoo boys. We’re criticizing yahoo boys but haven’t used our influence to ask all our bank MDs how Nigeria’s money is leaving the country.

    “Removing their titles and watching how they live can tell you the difference between a Nigerian political or business elite and a yahoo boy. Without political and corporate oppression, Yahoo Boys cant oppress us!.”

    The singer had recently alleged that westerners birthed social vices like female child subjugation and jungle justice in the country.

    “We didn’t know anything about subjugating women until the whites came to teach us. They say we are male sovereignists, we hate our women, all with no historical backing,” he had said. (Thecablelifestyle)

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