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    Friday, 14 June 2019

    "I’ll Never Split The Bill For A Date I’m Invited To" - Toke Makinwa

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    TOKE Makinwa, media personality and author, says she would never split the bill for expenses accrued during a date if she didn’t initiate the outing.

    The radio personality was speaking on ‘Toke Moments,’ her lifestyle vlog, where she noted that her condition for participating in footing such bills is only if she invited her partner for the date.

    “If it’s like ‘oh I’m bored, let’s go out’, and we both agreed to go out, then I can split the bill with you. But if you invite me to a place, best believe you’re paying the bill. Don’t come at me with that shit…,” Toke said.

    While the controversial topic of going out on a date may be gaining acceptance in some quarters, the 34-year-old entrepreneur would rather stick to the “old school” norm.

    “I am sorry I’m old school. If you want to take me out. You made me wear a dress from my house, and shoe and wear makeup… sorry, you asked me out. I’m a different kind of person,” she said.

    Toke also reeled out some tips on how to spot self-absorbed and incompetent men who have nothing to offer in a relationship. She dubbed this category of men as ‘baby boy for life’.

    “A baby boy for life are those people who don’t do shit but sit around on their behind. Some of them are basically children from trust fund family… They don’t work, all they do is to rely on their fine looks to get by. All he has is fine boy syndrome,” said the TV host.

    According to her, these set of men are without ambitions and peddle lies to keep up with their extravagant lifestyles. She pointed out that men who borrow money from women but never return it also falls into this category.

    “He’ s the one that talks too much…they are always lying. They are not hustlers, they never believe in hard work,” she said.

    “They just loaf around, they collect money from girls. They are the kind of kind who when they start talking to you, in two weeks they already have problems. It’s always starting with can I borrow money from you. From borrowing money from you then the money never comes back.”

    Toke recently shared her personal tips on “how to be a baby girl for life”. (Thecablelifestyle)

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