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    Tuesday, 11 June 2019

    "I’m In Tears, Anger" — Khloe, BBNaija Star, Accuses Uber Driver Of Manhandling Her

    'I’m in tears, anger' -- Khloe, BBNaija star, accuses Uber driver of manhandling her
    Photo - Instagram

    KHLOE, a former Big Brother Naija housemate, has called out an Uber driver, who she said allegedly insulted and manhandled her during a trip.

    According to Khloe, real name Abiri Oluwabusayomi, the event transpired because she missed her flight and needed to take a ride from the airport to her apartment in Lekki.

    The television reality star, who said she was “typing in tears and anger,” shared a screenshot of the driver’s profile on her official Instagram.

    She said the driver, identified as Abdulsalam, was unprofessional from the inception of the trip.

    “I’m typing this in tears and anger. Dear @ubernigeria I don’t know how you pick your drivers but this people are not human and it’s heartbreaking because we travel and see how Uber drivers in other country treat us .
    So I missed my flight at the old airport and ordered Uber,”
    she narrated.

    “Firstly, I called and he picked and using me to talk. Secondly, he said I have to meet him where he parked that he can’t come to me. I was too tired and just want to go home… I got inside the car after so much attitude but just want to leave because of people trying to say Hi and I’m too tired.”

    “I said cancel and let me order another one. He looked back and said “if only you are human enough you will understand “ and I replied what do you mean human enough? He said I can’t understand because I’m not human. I was so mad and asked if he’s mad? Next thing he started cursing me, saying all sorts, sent me out of the car and pushed me to the side,” she narrated.

    “The most annoying part is that his friends there, that were greeting me and I waved at, joined him and said we greeted her and she just waved, so they join him to curse and humiliate me. ” I’m I suppose to kneel down and greet them cos they called my name?”

    The reality television star said she was “done with Uber”, and went further to advise the transport network company to conduct professional screening for its drivers.

    Meanwhile, an Instagram user, with the handle ‘@abdulsalam.lanre, has claimed to be the accused Uber driver and refuted the allegations made by Khloe.

    “Please pray for her for she needs help for living a double life by pretending to be a nice and calm person to the public but a devil in disguise for I have a video of the incident, thank God it was documented,” he wrote. (Thecablelifestyle)

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