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    Wednesday, 10 July 2019

    SHOCKING: Man Masturbates Inside Lady's Car After Offering To Show Her Directions (PHOTOS)

    Photo - Facebook

    A nasty scene it was for a Facebook user by name Olatope Odebunmi Ominiyi as she narrates on her timeline, how she picked up a random, rough looking man who offered to show her some directions in an area where she knew so little about while try to get to a destination

    According to her report online, the said man while showing her routes to follow, brought out his penis and started masturbating while starring at her as she drove. She had to shout at him to get him to stop the nasty act

    Her Facebook post reads:

    Something weird happened today. I've only heard about pervs, but never encountered it. So on my way to the store today, I realised my route was blocked due to road construction. And if you know Adigbe-Opako-Obada, you would know the distance to turn around.

    Anyway, one dirty looking guy, most likely a driver too, told me he knows a short cut. Against my better judgement, I allowed him into the car.

    Could you believe this guy was doing 'soapy' while staring at me. We were at a bush side so I shouted at him that I will drop him here if he doesn't behave himself.

    Till we got to the mainroad, he hung his hands in the air. I was so pissed ehn...so many pervs roaming around. 😠😠😠😠😠


     From the above online report, it is very important that while driving and seeking directions in areas where you don't know so well, never let strangers into your car for any reason as that could be dangerous. The days are evil and the level of insecurity is also alarming. 

    Ike Ani is the editor for Naija magazine online, one of Nigeria's news and current affairs websites.  

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