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    Friday, 23 August 2019

    5 Signs Your Relationship Is Heading Nowhere

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    WHEN you’re dating for marriage, you must be intentional in your choices for a partner. In addition to that, you should also be conscious of how you’re both growing as a couple and whether your relationship has a future.
    You cannot have a successful relationship if you do not recognize these signs that it is heading nowhere:

    1. You don’t talk about the future
    What are your individual goals and future ambition? If you are afraid to talk about the things you plan to do with your life, then your relationship is at a standstill. This is a conversation you should both be excited to have together.

    2. There’s no commitment

    It’s not a successful relationship if one or both of you are not committed to making things work. For example, if you have a partner who regularly cheats on you, then he’s not committed. In this case, you may want to end things and find someone else.

    3. No future plans

    When two people are dating for the purpose of building a life together, there are certain plans they would make. It’s not about your individual hopes and dreams. For example, you can have conversations about where you’ll live, if you plan to have kids and so on.

    4. You disagree on basic things
    It’s possible to be in love with someone but not have anything in common. When you argue and fight a lot and over the smallest things, it’s possible that you just don’t get along.

    5. He doesn’t stimulate you intellectually
    It takes much more than attraction and emotional affection to have a successful relationship. When you’re not being intellectually stimulated by your partner, that relationship could be heading nowhere. You should be able to relate to each other, have smart conversations and challenge each other in healthy ways. Having a shared sense of humor is also important. (ZumiNg)


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