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    Friday, 16 August 2019

    "I Remain National Chairman Of Action Alliance" – Udeze

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    THE National Chairman of the Action Alliance, Mr. Kenneth Udeze, on Thursday, said he remained the Chairman of the party, while Mr. Vernimbe James remained the National Secretary of the party.

    He stated that their purported suspension from the party was incorrect, false, misleading and should be disregarded by all Nigerians and AA members across Nigeria.

    Speaking during a media briefing in Abuja, he said it was unsavoury that some officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission,
    who he described as uninformed,  and some allegedly suspended AA national officers made what he called false pronouncement that he and
    James had been suspended from the party.

    According to him, the matter of suspension of  him and James was a subject of litigations at the Federal High Court in Nyanya, Abuja, and
    Federal High Court in Action Alliance v. Kenneth Udeze and one other of suit no. FCT/HC/CV/2263/2019 and Hon Adekunle Rufai Omoaje & 1 Other V. Barr. Kenneth Udeze & Others of suit no: FHC/OS/CS/23/2018.

    He stated that in the latter case, INEC is the third defendant while he is the first defendant.

    Udeze said, “The matters are sub-judice and that being the case, it amounted to affront in the face of the judiciary and executive rascality for someone from INEC informing us that we are on suspension which tends to pre-empt the court, the commission passing its judgement before the court delivers its own; and that could be traced as contempt of court.

    “It is not for the commission to play the roles of the party and the judge by unilaterally informing us of the suspension and passing its
    judgement without waiting for the outcome of the cases pending in courts of law.

    “Those claiming to have suspended us on June 14 never complied with the party’s Constitution Article 14(3) and Sections 31, 32, 33, 34, 35
    and 36 of the INEC guidelines and regulations of political  parties 2013, hence our purported suspension was a mere empty threat, hence

    He urged INEC not to act upon any correspondence from any person or group of persons or attach any probative value to the same suggesting that he and  James had been suspended. (PunchNg)


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