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    Monday, 19 August 2019

    Is It Time To Quit Your Job? Here’s How To Know For Sure

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    IN some cases, it’s really obvious that you should quit your job. In some cases, not so much.

    Wondering when to quit your job? Torn between wondering if it’s time or if you’re making a really big mistake? Here’s how to find out:

    1. It’s seriously stressing you out

    There’s Monday blues, and there’s MONDAY BLUES!!! If your job gives you some major stress and helps you understand the real meaning of blues, then you should consider quitting. Not all jobs are fun, but if your job constantly puts you under pressure, makes you angry, and just keeps you in a constant state of physical and mental exhaustion, then maybe you should start making an exit plan.

    2. If your boss is just the worst
    You’ve definitely seen too many movies if you’re expecting a Harry Potter -Dumbedore relationship with your boss. Of course it’s possible, but it doesn’t always happen. If your boss is being really hateful, you can try to suck it up, because dealing with those kind of bosses actually makes you tougher. However, if you’ve done your best and you can’t deal again, then it could be time to quit.

    3. You’re bored

    Every job has its moments of monotony. After working on the job for a while, your designated duties get easier and easier till you can do them without thinking. A normal way to combat boredom could be to try out new roles in different departments, do something fulfilling on your personal time, etc. If you’re still feel bored and like you’re being underutilized at work, then it could be time to quit your job.

    4. When office values differ from yours
    If your office engages in something you don’t believe in or agree with, it can affect you more seriously than you know. If the important things in your life are hanging out with friends and family, and you have a job that makes you work on weekends and travel a lot, then you might need to quit. The frustration will keep mounting until you take the decision to leave.

    5. No room for growth

    This is so key. If your job doesn’t make any provision to move up the ladder and earn more, then you should make plans to leave.

    Although quitting is as easy as dropping off a letter, don’t forget to save up an emergency fund worth 6 months of your living expenses before actually dropping that letter. (ZumiNg)


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