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    Monday, 7 October 2019

    ‘The N50m Now Audio Money’ — Jaruma Sparks Outrage For Unfollowing Tacha

    'The N50m is now audio money.' -- Jaruma sparks outage for unfollowing Tacha
    Photo - Instgaram
    JARUMA, sex therapist and businesswoman, has sparked outrage on the Nigerian Twittersphere after she unfollowed Tacha, former housemate of BBNaija season 4, from all her social media accounts.
    Last month, Jaruma had  offered to give Tacha N50m after the housemate was disqualified from the reality TV show for a physical confrontation with a fellow housemate.
    The young entrepreneur took to her Instagram page to share a video where she disclosed she would give the reality star the money to expand her business.
    “Sweetheart @symply_tacha come home ❤️ U will use this N50,000,000 million naira to EXPAND ur @everythingtacha brand,” she wrote.
    In a surprising turn of events, the businesswoman was said to have deleted videos and tweets about Tacha and eventually unfollowed the reality star on Instagram. Tacha was also said to have reciprocated the gesture on the social media platform.
    The reason for the action is yet to be ascertained, however, the development has become the subject of conversation among Nigerians on social media platforms.
    While a number of users slammed Jaruma for reneging on her promise, others accused the therapist of taking advantage of Tacha’s disqualification from BBNaija to generate publicity, treating her the way Peter Okoye of Psquare did.
    “Jaruma unfollows Tacha on IG days after promising her 50 million naira The 50 million naira is also known as Audio money,” a user wrote.
    “Jaruma go soon claim say snake don swallow the 50million,” said another user.
    “So instead of Jaruma to give Tacha 50m Naira, she unfollowed Tacha and Tacha reciprocated. Welcome to social media, home of audio money and fake promises,” another user wrote.
    Here is what some Nigerians had to say:
    Jaruma unfollows Tacha on IG days after promising her 50 million naira

    The 50 million naira is also known as Audio money.
    Embedded video
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    Jaruma: A noun
    act of unfollowing or deleting

    E.g : Please follow me on twitter, I promise I won’t Jaruma you

    “Guy, the video you sent is boring, I’ve already Jarumaed it” 🙂
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    Jaruma unfollowed Tacha after promising her Audio money N50million. Titans right now 👇
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    So instead of Jaruma to give Tacha 50m Naira, she unfollowed Tacha and Tacha reciprocated. welcome to social media, home of audio money and fake promises.
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    Jaruma promised to give Tacha 50m and has now backtracked but you that believed it in the first place, are you ok? Is everything alright? Plus the clout chaser, plus the swindled recipient, plus you that swallowed the lie like banku, all of you are clowns.

    Congratulations 🤡🤡
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    Jaruma has again validated Audio Money.

    First she deleted all Tacha's pictures & videos and finally unfollowed her.

    I learnt the person who opened the GoFundMe account for Tacha has also Japaa with the money.

    So dear Titans,can you all see how they used to for clout chasing.
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    Well, Jaruma never said she was giving Tacha the money, she just told us how much 100 Dubai's Durham costs and how many stacks makes 50 million to show how valueless Naira is and added "come home Tacha".

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    Lol, Nigerian twitter too mumu, it seems children are joining this app now, how can Jaruma and Tacha Be be playing with your senses? And u allowed it? The unfollow thing was just a stunt to trend more.. Now they succeeded. Jaruma just clocked 700K Followers..😂😂
    See CarlosLizmo's other Tweets
    Jaruma that is Instagram number 1 clout chaser, Tacha became her god daughter qualified for bbn and lost because she was following jaruma advise. Now church don close jaruma don make U-turn
    See sucre papito's other Tweets
    Everyone is Chasing Clout. Including @jarumamagazine 😂😂😂😂 audio money everywhere . Well she never promised that mannerless Whore nothing. She just told us the rate of The Dinar to Naira. And later said Tacha come home 😂😂😂😂
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    So Jaruma scammed Tacha? What do you expect of someone that uses reverse psychology to sell concoction to people in the name of helping them catch man?
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    Nigerians are funny so you really want jaruma to dash tacha 50million not 1million o 50million all of you are mad
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    So Tacha thought I’ll give her 50m just like that in this hard Ecomomy ..
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    See Omar saheed 🇳🇬🇬🇭's other Tweets

    Jaruma: You want me to spend the money your daddy cannot spend on you?
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    Jaruma finallygot what she wanted he has trended severally these oast days clouting shA
    Audio money now is the real deal
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    See Asst. Food Prefect (Dëmhä DatySZN )🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬's other Tweets

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