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    Thursday, 7 November 2019

    Ndume Identifies Three Locations Boko Haram Currently Holds

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    ALI Ndume, the Chairman Senate Committee on Army, has disclosed that Boko Haram insurgents are now restricted to three locations in the Northeast.

    Ndume revealed that the insurgents were restricted to the Lake Chad fringes, Mandara Mountains and the Sambisa Forest.

    Speaking during a one-day Northeast Security Summit convened by the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, the Borno Senator said Boko Haram can be completely wiped out with increased budgetary allocation to security agencies.

    He said: “We know that the key remaining location of the remaining insurgents is three: the Lake Chad fringes, the Mandara Mountains and the Sambisa Forest.

    “With the current technology, the theatre commander said they can finish this war within three months.”

    Ndume insisted that Boko Haram can’t be completely wiped out with conventional military tactics, meagre budgetary allocations and inadequate personnel.

    He said: “The Army is doing well, but it’s not enough because we have not seen the end of it. Let me say that we cannot fight a war on this vast land that we have with only 150, 000 soldiers.

    “Right now, the population of the Nigerian Army is 150,000 plus the 4000 recently released, which makes it 160,000 personnel.

    “We cannot fight this war with less than 400, 000 Police. We cannot also police with what is budgeted for this year. The constitution says the security, welfare and lives of the people are paramount.

    “How can you, therefore, have a meagre budgetary allocation for the police and a meagre N100 billion for the military?”


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