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    Monday, 1 June 2020

    #JUSTICEFORUWA: Uwa Omozuwa's Rape And Murder At RCCG Church Raises Dust On Social Media

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    LATE Uwa Omozuwa was raped and killed while reading at RCCG Branch, Ikpba-Hill Benin City on May 27th. It was reported that she went to the Church that day to study and never returned. 

    Until her death, Uwa was a 100 Level Student of the University Of Benin. She was raped and then brutalized with a fire extinguisher right inside the Church. Her killers are yet to be found and prosecuted for rape and murder. 

    Uwa's sad death has caused a lot of uproar and bitterness among social media users, Celebrities in Nigeria. Nigerians on Facebook and Twitter have been expressing their desire for Justice for Uwa Omozuwa. 

    Uwa's death has brought to trend the news of a 16-year old teenage girl Tina who was killed by a drunk Police officer. Reports have it that the appropriate authorities have been alerted and the policeman has been arrested to face the wrath of the law. 

    On social media recently a Nigerian musician by stage name Slimcase made a derogatory statement as regards Uwa's rape and murder. This brought about a heavy backlash against him on Instagram which led to his recent apology for being being insensitive. 

    Just like Slimcase, some Nigerians on Facebook were viewing the murder of Uwa from an insensitive angle with a blame on her for going to church to read. This raised lots of dust on Facebook as many dismissed such analysis as 'insensitive'. 

    Below are some comments made by some persons on a post concerning Uwa's rape and murder case. 

    Just like many Nigerians, we at Naija Magazine Online(NMO) demand for justice on behalf of Uwa Omozuwa. Rape should not be tolerated in any society. 

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