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    Monday, 21 September 2020

    EDO DECIDES: Nigerians Mock Tinubu, As INEC Declares Obaseki Winner Of Election

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    SOME Nigerians have mocked National Leader of All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu following the victory of Governor Godwin Obaseki in the just-concluded governorship election in Edo State.

    Obaseki, who contested on the platform of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, defeated his closest rival, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamh with a total of 307,857 votes.

    INEC returning officer for the election declared Obaseki the winner after polling the highest votes as mandated by law.

    Nigerians have taken to social media rejoicing over the re-election of Obaseki, describing it an end to godfatherism.

    Here are some comments gathered from Twitter:

    @Sodiqtade “ For the record, Obaseki defeated Tinubu, Oshiomhole, Ize Iyamu, Tony Kabaka, thugs, touts and other Democrats.”

    @Ifybase “ So free and fair elections can happen in Nigeria? The choice of the people can overrule the choice of godfathers. May it be so for Nigeria come 2023. Amen!

    @AfamDeluxo “ Obaseki removed Adams Oshiomole as APC chairman. Obaseki has also retired Adams Oshiomole politically. Obaseki made Tinubu put out a press video which he never does. Obaseki is the Jagaban of Edo State politics. Congratulations Obaseki.”

    @Vinnie “ Congratulations to Governor Obaseki, PDP and the people of Edo state.Before elections the people told Tinubu, Oshiomole and godfatherism in the state to FEM!

    @Sidac06 “ Obagone, Obasinking, Obasnail.
    Tinubu boys go learn new thing.Obaseki is not your mate.”

    @MatthewBello16 “ Obaseki: 307,955 and Ize-Iyamu 223,619. Congratulations to Edo people & Obaseki. May God give Ize-Iyamu, Oshiomole and Tinubu the fortitude to bear the loss.”

    @Lomon_ “ PDP’s Godwin Obaseki has just been declared returned as governor of Edo state. Congratulations Obaseki. You defeated Oshiomole and even Bola Tinubu that made that senseless video on who ‘fought’ for democracy and who didn’t like we give a f*ck.”

    @Fearlesslerato “ Tinubu is nobody without Federal Might. Lagosians should wise up. Obaseki WON in GRAND STYLE. ” (Twitter)

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