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    Wednesday, 10 April 2019

    The Styling Guides On How To Repeat An Outfit And Still Slay

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    IT is unrealistic not to expect an individual to repeat outfits.

    Whether it’s due to favouritism, lack of funds for shopping some new clothes, or even out of being practical, most of us will repeat an outfit at some point.

    However, unlike certain belief, repeating an outfit doesn’t have to be a shameful thing or boring. Simple styling tricks can make a repeated outfit look like it’s just worn off a shopping peg.

    Keeping in mind that each guide provided shouldn’t be followed to the book as styling is based majorly on personal taste, here are the biggest styling guides to keep in mind when repeating an outfit:

    Observe some spacing

    Arguably, the oldest trick in the book when it comes to repeating an outfit is to give some spacing. Giving spacing simply means waiting a few days or weeks before repeating an outfit.

    This rule plays out well especially with statement pieces like a pair of printed palazzo pants or very colourful statement blouses. Jeans and plain t-shirts seem to defy this rule as they can be repeated multiple times in a week.

    Mix and matching differently

    Think about it, repeating an entire set of outfit can be spotted from a mile away especially if you’re going to be in the same enclosure (at a work environment for instance).

    Moreover, switching up pieces of an outfit is a smart way to get away with repeating an item of clothing. Additionally, the switched up clothing will score a
    unique look.

    Change your hairstyle

    Never underestimate the power of hairstyles. Whether you’re sporting your natural hair, weaves or extensions, try to style your hair differently to distract from your repeated outfit.


    Accessories hold a strong place in making or breaking an outfit. Accessorize or switch up accessories to change the look of the repeated outfit. Remember,
    when accessorizing, especially with jewellery, less goes a long way.

    Sunglasses, glasses, hats, jewellery, wristwatches, sneakers, are examples of accessories that can completely give a repeated outfit a different feel.

    Layering is your best friend

    With the right kind of outerwear, a repeated outfit can be totally transformed to look fresh. Invest in stylish outerwear like leather, jean, and fur jackets, button-down shirts (which can oh yes, double as a jacket), cardigans etc, to pair with outfits.

    The trick to styling successfully with layers is to keep texture in mind. Know the textures that go well and avoid those that don’t.

    Throw in your personal touch

    As mentioned earlier, styling is based largely on personal taste. So add a little bit of DIY item that screams your personal style. Transform a shirt to a head wrap, wear a silk scarf like a top, wear that cute top like a skirt and tie the sleeves like a bow, creativity in styling when done properly is a wow-factor.

    Be a smarter shopper

    Another easy trick to aid repeating outfits without looking like it is to be a smarter shopper. When shopping, look for clothing items that can be easily mixed and matched. These items are referred to as ‘capsule wardrobe essentials’ by stylists.

    Items like well-fitted jeans, cute black slip (also known as Little Black Dress), simple yet expensive t-shirt, good quality handbag, flats, well-fitting black blazer, etc are easy to mix with other items without looking like you’re trying so hard not to repeat them.

    Also invest in very god statement pieces like a good quality pair of heels, sneakers, wristwatch, wrist bands, jewellery etc.

    As Marc Jacobs says, “Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.” (Thecablelifestyle)

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