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    Tuesday, 28 May 2019

    5 Cool Things Every Bride Should Do For Her Bridesmaids

    things every bride should do for her bridesmaids
    Photo - ZumiNg

    YES, you’re the bride and it’s your wedding, so you’ve probably gotten used to everyone doing things for you because you’re the bride. But, you’re also a hostess, which means that you have a responsibility to make your guests as comfortable as possible. This is even more true of your bridal party.

    Your bridesmaids and asoebi ladies are your ride or die. They’ve been there for you from the beginning, and you need to be there for them too when the wedding comes around. In case you don’t know where to start, we have some tips every bride should do for her bridesmaids.

    Make arrangements for their accommodation

    Especially if they will be coming in from other places just to honour your invitation. You can’t let them wander around a new town looking for a place to stay or paying for expensive hotel accommodation. Even if they’ve made other plans, let them know that you have something for them so they’ll not be stranded.

    Give them gifts to say thank you

    Even though they know you love them, a token gift will go a long way to show them that you appreciate all the efforts and sacrifices they’ve made to make your day awesome.

    Reduce the cost of asoebi

    Do they really need to pay #100k for your asoebi? Choose fabric that won’t break the bank, and subsidise the cost if possible. That means that you can give them fabric of 30k for 10k. Or, you can give the asoebi for free! Better yet, scrap the whole thing to save costs.

    Make sure they’re taken care of at the wedding

    We’ve seen a lot of times when brides don’t make arrangements for the bridesmaids’ seating, or food. They end up looking lost and having to fend for themselves. Please don’t abandon them, assign someone to make sure their needs are met.

    Don’t impose bills on them

    If they don’t want to pay for something, don’t take it out on them because they can’t afford it. Let your friends support you in whatever way they can without causing a quarrel. Not everyone’s pocket can accommodate a three-day bachelorette weekend in France, so ease off on impossible bills. (ZumiNg)

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