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    Friday, 28 June 2019

    7 Fun Nigerian Bridal Shower Games To Get The Party Started

    nigerian bridal shower games
    Photo - Jidekola

    BRIDAL showers are a fun way to celebrate the bride, but they’re usually an event with friends the bride has made at different places in her life. Some of them have never met and it could be awkward at first.

    To break the ice and get the party in full swing, bridal shower games are the way to go. You don’t want a boring event where everybody is on their phones instead of interacting. These Nigerian bridal shower games will help to start off the party and make the event fun.

    Getting to know each other

    Everyone in the room is required to walk around and make conversation with at least 5 people in 5 minutes. When the time is up, the moderator calls out questions related to the guests and they have to answer correctly eg. “who has black as their favourite colour?” or “who is married?”.

    How well do you know the bride?

    Questions related to the bride are thrown to the guests, and they have to get the answers eg. “where did the bride go to university?”, “what’s the bride’s favourite food?”

    Married or not married?

    Make a list of celebrities and have the guests say which is married or not married.

    Word scramble

    Write down scrambled wedding-related words on a sheet and have the guests unscramble as many as they can in five minutes. The person with the most words wins!

    The song game/Karaoke

    The guests are divided into teams. The moderator or MC calls out a word, and the teams have to sing a line containing that word from a song. Switch it up by singing to your favourite songs.


    Charades is a fun game where the guests have to guess a word by watching someone demonstrate.

    Musical chairs

    A classic game where the last person standing is the winner.


    Wrap it up with fun dancing games, this might even be a chance to learn a choreography for the wedding entrance dance! (ZumiNg)

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