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    Monday, 27 July 2020

    4 Health Benefits Of Groundnuts

    a bowl of groundnuts
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    YOU'VE probably eaten them boiled, fried, as paste or butter today. And maybe, you’re a huge fan of them. But do you really know their health benefits? Do you know why you should eat them more and how to find the balance in their consumption?

    We’re talking about groundnuts people! Or peanuts as our oyinbo friends prefer to call them.

    Groundnuts are a common plant-based source of protein-rich in minerals and vitamins. In this part of the world, groundnuts are staples and are consumed fried, roasted, boiled, as a paste for garden egg and other fruits, butter [peanut butter], or as a condiment for ‘Groundnut soup [someone kindly share the recipe in the comment section].

    Groundnuts are so common and popular that it’s recognized as one of the most important items for soaking garri [cereal-like snack made from ground cassava flakes].

    Let’s find out more about groundnuts, shall we?

    Groundnuts Might Help With Weight Loss
    Recall how we mentioned peanuts being high in calories and fat? Some health experts believe these components might not necessarily contribute to weight gain. Cool right?

    Some studies even insist that groundnuts help maintain a healthy weight. This makes sense seeing as they are healthy snacks after all. By consuming more groundnut, a person with the goal of losing weight has a better chance of eating less fattening snacks as the legumes have a filling effect. In addition, groundnuts are a great source of insoluble dietary fibre which reduces the risk of weight gain.

    Groundnuts Help The Heart
    It might shock you to know that little legumes like groundnuts help maintain good heart condition.

    As you might guess, heart diseases are one of the leading causes of death globally. Since groundnuts contain numerous heart-healthy nutrients like niacin, copper, magnesium, and several antioxidants, they provide great protection against heart sicknesses.

    Groundnuts Are Rich In Minerals And Vitamins
    Groundnuts contain numerous minerals and vitamins like niacin which has been linked to a reduced risk of heart disease and biotin which is important during pregnancy. 

    Groundnuts also contain phosphorus which play an important role in the growth of body tissues.

    Other minerals groundnuts contain are vitamin E, folate, thiamine, magnesium, and copper.

    Groundnuts Prevent Gallstone
    Groundnuts may decrease the risk of gallstones in men and women, some studies suggest. Since gallstones contain cholesterol, the lowering effect groundnuts have on cholesterol helps it lower the risk of the disease.

    Now you’re familiar with the nutritional benefits of groundnuts, maybe when next you consume them, you’ll take a moment to relish the goodness that is groundnut. (Thecablelifestyle)

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